Euromontaggi GRU

Spare parts and crane accessories

Comedil /Terex elements

Tower elements TS12 12.12, TS12 12.6

Element of 4 mt for MCA 551, dima and recovery feet

Motors for lifting, rotation and trolley for CTT61/CTT91

Raimondi elements – cross bases – anchors

RAIMONDI tower elements, anchors and cross bases of various models

Potain elements – cross bases – fixing angles

POTAIN conical elements, tower elements 1.60, tower elements 1,20 various length, cross bases, wheelbase 1,60 – 1,20; fixing angles for POTAIN MC85; MC58; MC68…


Motors and gearbox for various cranes

FM various tower elements and anchors


Tower elements with section 1.80 for GT118;

Tower elements for Simma Sp 183/187 “spannellabili” of 4 mt